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Octo-Bod…The Laws of Physics suspended?

Can a woman have 14 kids (8 of them at once!) and have a pin up body with just diet and exercise? That is the question that tabloids and journalists, everywhere, are asking. There is speculation that Octomom (Nadya Suleman) has undergone a body lift...but, is denying it. Now, while it is everyone's prerogative to decide whether they want to be open about plastic surgery - we can all sympathize with someone wanting a Mommy Makeover...especially after having 14 kids. I guess it would be nice if credit were given to the talented surgeon who performed the surgery. If not so that he / she could receive the appreciation for a job well done - but, so that others who are looking for a fabulous surgeon...know who to call. Continue reading

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Proud of Baby, Proud of You!

Babies are the greatest gifts, and they bring life-altering changes. New moms feel overwhelming love for their children, but can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with the physical changes to their bodies after child birth. Getting rid of post baby weight can be as easy as diet an exercise, but in many cases, the excess lose skin and sagging areas may require cosmetic or plastic surgery. Mommy makeovers offer many options for moms who want to lift and tighten their bodies and restore their figures, after having children. Continue reading

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A ‘Thigh’ of Relief

One of the biggest complaints among people who diet, exercise and undergo major medical weight loss is the excess fat, flab and skin that can not be eliminated by working out. Body lift procedures can be performed on nearly any area of the body. The most requested areas are abdomen, belly and thighs. A body lift procedure can help remove that excess tissue, once-and-for-all. Continue reading

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